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powerfully flavored

the current Loud Lollies set list

Each Loud Lolly flavor is hand crafted from multiple sources to create a flavor experience you will not soon forget. with the perfect dosage of cannabis extracts added we are talking backstage pass to bliss.


Don't fool yourself into thinking this is an actual Raspberry, because you may forget your eating candy. Special candy.


We could have called it Citrus Chill or Citrus Cool but that would leave out the best part. Find out yourself.

pineapple lemonade

If pineapple could be better you would add lemon. If lemon could be better you would add pineapple. Your welcome.


Sure, we could have gone with Orange, but that was not fancy enough for our flavor scientists. They went full on Mandarin.


Reminisce via your taste buds, with no braces to clean after. A crowd favorite and not just in Sweden.


Take a walk on the chill side with our new Peach flavor. Close your eyes and imagine you are sandier than you are currently.

vanilla horchata

Sometimes there are little things that come along and remind us how awesome life is. Cue our Vanilla Horchata.


Not Watermelon, it's that perfect smell and taste of a fresh slice of Watermelon carved up just for you and your brain.


This wild new addition bursts with wild blueberry flavor. Turn your tongue blue in the name of stress management.

try 'em all but not all at once.